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How to properly use the filter press

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压滤机是指在过滤介质一侧施加机械力实现过滤的机械。常用的有箱式压滤机和带式压滤机两种。 创新华一生产的压滤机产品是目前环保机械行业最好的压滤机产品。已被广泛的应用于各行业公司,那么怎样正确的使用压滤机呢?创新华一的技术顾问做了如下解释:
    Filter is in the side of the filter to exert mechanical force filtering machinery. Commonly used box-type filter presses and belt filter press two. Product of innovative Chinese production of the filter is the best filter for the environmental protection machinery industry. Has been widely used in various industries company, then how to properly use the filter press? The innovative Chinese technology consultant made the following explanation:

One to prohibit the boot to avoid damage to the filter plate is less than the required number of plant parts. Check the filter plate before the feeding arrangement of the cloth can not folding phenomenon, to prevent large leakage; cake discharge filter plates must be close to compress neatly.

2, debugging normal of the filter before feeding to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the machine before each class. Mechanical compression transmission parts and gearbox must add a little oil; hydraulic pressed to review the tank storage oil and hydraulic pressure, hydraulic oils are generally replaced annually, the response to the hydraulic system replacement - a comprehensive cleaning, working pressure of hydraulic station less than the fuel tank maximum working pressure, but the minimum can not be less than the allowed values of the filtration pressure is too small will cause leakage, will damage the parts.
3, until everything is functioning properly before compression filter plate pressure filter, filtration pressure and filtration temperature must be within the specified range, the filter pressure is too high will cause leakage, filter temperature plastic filter plate deion, feeding suspension to be uniform concentration. No impurities; cake discharge filter cloth and filter plates must be washed clean, do not allow the residue paste sealing surface of the feed channel, otherwise it will affect the smooth flow of the feed and the filter plate, sealing, and thus relative to the cause of the filter plate on both sides of pressure imbalance, leading to the filter plate deion damage.
Filtering techniques, choice of filter cloth must meet the filter paddle should be shrunk before the production of new cloth, the hole diameter should be less than the filter plate aperture, matching the filter plate, cloth hole board holes should be relatively concentric feed The hole should be cloth simply snapping the cylinder wall, otherwise it will create, filter unclear, the filtration rate is low, the cloth tube rupture, fail to achieve the filtering purpose consequences.

5 early in the filter press filter press, filter more turbid, the ion of a layer cake in the cloth, the filtrate will be clear. If the filtrate has been cloudy or clear variable mix, you may filter cloth damage or the deviation of the hole arrangement and the plate hole, then close the valve or stop feeding to replace the cloth. The filter plate allowed a small amount of leakage of the cloth caused by capillarity.

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