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Volume of the filter press

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     Filter press is one of the users are most concerned about the data is the volume of the filter press, it is not only related to the filter press every gap cycle the length of time (the greater the natural volume, its cycle time is longernaturally in the filtered liquid the greater, per unit time, the efficiency of the filter press higher.), it will affect the filter processing capacity of the filter press.

     The volume of data to compare filter press, we have to know the method of calculation of the filter press volume data. Filter press volume = remaining space of the filter press filter chamber = the size of the filter chamber * the number of filter chamber. Through the above calculation, we know that the remaining space in the volume of filter press and filter press filter chamber in the filter chamber has a great relationship. Therefore, all of the filter manufacturing businesses have to ensure that the filter press filter plate rugged as a filter chamber of the filter chamber space design greater.

     Since the volume of the filter press filter chamber and filter chamber has a close relationship, so to compare Van filter plate and frame filter press volume in real terms is a comparison between the filter chamber space and the number of . We introduce Van filter plate and frame filter press filter chamber, know the filter chamber of the chamber filter press is squeezing the ion of the depression between the two filter plates, and plate and frame pressure a filter chamber of the filter machine is a hollow plate and frame filter cloth with two solid filter plate sunken space formed. If the number of filter plates the size of the same case, Van filter can be formed with the same number of filter plates filter chamber is half the number of the filter plate and frame filter press filter chamber, but the plate and frame filter press formed single filter cavity than the van to a large, but no more than twice the van filter filter chamber, in accordance with the theoretical data show that the volume of the chamber filter press filter chamber than the frame filter press volume.


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