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Introduction of CJ / T 80-1999 sludge dewatering with belt filter press industry standard

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     According to the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on the Abolition of the professional standards and clean up the rectification should be translated into national standards) standard letter of (Zhi Jijian Supervision Bureau (1998) 216) requires the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the Ministry of Construction in 1992 approved the Ministry of Constructionthe focal point of national standards into the project of industry standards and product standards approved by the Ministry of Construction released in 1992 to clean up, consolidate and audit. The Ministry of Construction Building Standards (1999) No. 154 on the published product standards of the Ministry of Construction to straighten out the results of the CJ / T 31-91 ((sludge dewatering with belt filter press the "standard recognized the new number CRT 80-1999.

      This standard specifies the basic parameters of the sludge dewatering with belt filter press, model preparation, technical requirements, testing and inspection rules, logo, packaging, transportation, storage. This standard applies to the belt filter press design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance.

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