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Congratulate innovative Chinese website success

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     The Zhucheng innovative Chinese Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, technical services in one of the high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of paper pulp equipment and environmental protection equipment.
The company actively introduce advanced technology and production equipment, metal cutting, welding, precision, large, rare equipment. According to the domestic paper and development of the environmental protection industry, closely tracking the introduction of foreign VOITH the ANDRITZ the KBC and other world-class enterprise advanced technology and processes at the same time close cooperation with renowned institutions and Shandong Light House, South China, developed with the international advanced level of environmental protection equipment, super-efficiency air Flotation, dissolved Air Flotation machine, CAF machine, belt filter press, plate and frame filter press dewatering machine, sludge dewatering machine, buried sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, hospital sewage treatment equipment, peripheral drive sludge scraper, driving, suction machine, waste disposal equipment, and other environmental protection equipment.
Good equipment, exquisite production technology, standardized and scientific management, professional team and perfect sales service network, so your choices do not worry.
Companies selling products in the country and exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria and other countries. Companies adhering to the "quality roots, faith-based" business philosophy, the intention to operate our business, manufacturing quality, dedicated service for the paper industry and the development of environmental protection and innovation.
We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to our company guidance, and technical guidance to the exchange. Through exchanges and communication, innovation Chinese environmental technology to be your final choice.

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